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It’s great to bring back the items that did well, but make sure you mix it up with new and interesting items. For example, you might offer a “VIP experience” where the top bidder gets treated like a VIP for the day. They might get picked up by a limousine, taken to an upscale restaurant, then to see a ballet performance in best seats.
Taylor Wolfe was a dear friend of Toby’s and is one of the organizers of Friday’s golf tournament and silent auction. The best auction for your event depends on the event type, as well as the amount and caliber of items you’re able to procure. Here are some pros and cons of different auction software pricing models, and things to keep in mind for your event. Auction software advertised as “free” often costs money in fees and paid support. Open source software truly does cost nothing in terms of money, but can be time consuming to support. Other software costs a flat price up front, though there may still be “gotchas” to look out for with some products.
We suggest running your first silent auction here and learning from the results. Our platform is designed to give you every chance of achieving your fundraising goals. With every campaign, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to build this strategy into your ongoing fundraising activities. Nonprofits secure item donations and sponsorships from the community, religious institutions, businesses, and private organizations. Online silent auctions vary, depending on the platform you use. Now that you know exactly what these auctions are and what makes them different to live auctions, let’s explore how they work in two contexts – online or at an event.
Before raffling off this item, make sure the terms you’ve settled on with the company are firm. By doing so, you’ll make sure the company doesn’t get taken advantage of inadvertently and you’ll be able to fully and accurately inform auction attendees about the services they’re bidding on. What could possibly be better than taking a private boat cruise along a nearby river or lake? For how to do silent auction , the experience could be improved if you throw in a meal and some cocktails. By combining a boat tour, an upscale meal, and some over-the-top adult beverages into a package, you’ll create an idyllic auction item that will appeal to any romantic who attends your event. Even if the members of your target audience don’t have a lot of upcoming milestones to commemorate, a free photoshoot may still end up being one of your most popular auction items.
You should also include a call to action and sense of urgency on your bid sheets, such as “Buy it Now Price” “Bid Now”, “Scan Here”, or “Click Here”. The information on your bid sheet should be clear, concise, and appealing to attract and inform potential bidders. Lastly, be sure to get contact information from your attendees so you can integrate them into your donor cultivation pipeline. Events are a great first touch point for new or curious supporters but it takes follow-up to convert them into champions for your cause.
In return, your organization offers them advertising in event materials and the positive reputation boost that comes with supporting a good cause. To create the most intuitive display, group your items into categories (for example travel-related items, baskets, food and drink, etc.). Obviously, the venue you end up selecting should be reflective of the ambience you’re trying to create. Consider the theme of your auction and the main demographics of your guest list when vetting out venues. Visitors can walk through the zoo and see lit up jack-o’-lanterns and animal-shaped pumpkin sculptures. Tickets are $10 per person, and the event is free for those 2 years and younger.