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Mobile patrols provide a cost-effective second line of defense against theft and other losses, covering large premises, or monitoring a number of locations spread across a geographic area. Typical on site security guards who stand at the property entrance are not the same as mobile patrol officers. Patrol officers are constantly on the move, continually patrolling the property looking for unusual activity. Our mobile patrol guards are trained to always alert and ready to act if there is any suspected criminal activity on-site. Guardsman security provides a cost-effective alternative where a continuous manned guarding presence is not required. These well-equipped search and response units make random mobile security patrols of client’s premises , through the night and at weekends – to ensure the secure closure of all external doors, gates and windows.
So whether you need one or two patrols per day, or an eight hour closed patrol, please consider Transcend Security’s Mobile Patrol division. Access up-to-date law enforcement records, such as inmate information, sex offenders, warrants, missing children, and most wanted directly from the source. MobilePatrol is available as a free download for Android and iOS mobile devices.
Our operators perform regular external and/or internal mobile patrols, and opening and closing premises, as well as attending to alarm activations. Spot patrolling is more affordable than hiring a full-time security guard. However, if you want a service that provides a continuous safety net, you won’t get that with mobile security patrols. Lock and Unlock services provide a similar service to keyholding with the additional benefit of end and start of day checks. Today, Certis Security Australia is a partner of choice for businesses and organisations in multiple sectors all across Australia. Our integrated outsourcing solutions allow our customers to focus on their core business, while our security guards and mobile patrol officers manage, protect and secure their critical business operations.
At Sangar Security, our mobile patrols are comprised of well-trained security guards who provide the highest attention to detail. Our mobile security patrols don’t simply “drive by” and say “all clear.” Our guards on mobile patrols carefully inspect all areas, frequently getting out of the patrol vehicle to visually inspect areas closely. More than looking for security loopholes, our mobile security guards are trained to spot safety concerns and areas of operational inefficiency. At Blackwater Public Safety, we are proud to offer highly trained mobile security patrol officers. Our mobile patrol team will patrol your site with our clearly marked security vehicles that are also equipped with the high end security technology. Security Services will keep an eye on your properties and protect you from potential criminal activity such as vandalism and theft.
After a month, three months, or six months, their performance can be evaluated based on this data. Thus, the company can take the required action and decide whether to keep, train, promote, or fire the security guards. This way, only the guards with better performance are retained, boosting a security company’s reputation. So, when you hire security guards from these companies, you can rest assured that your safety is in the right hands. When you need someone to patrol the premise of your property periodically during the day or throughout the night, OUR mobile patrol is exactly what you need. Our security guards have experience in patrolling a wide range of different locations, including commercial properties, parking lots, construction sites, warehouses, office parks and everything in between.
Register to be notified immediately of the status of offenders through our most powerful information service system VINE® . Avoid the hassle of damage to property, stolen goods, damage to employees property and avoid time being wasted in the process. We have multiple traceable records of contracts brokerage in our portfolio within the Security Industry.
All of their services are designed for private and commercial businesses. Their perimeter detection security systems ensures all round protection for your property. Veritech have specially selected the best team, to meet the industry’s needs and security solutions expected.
The security guards will make notes of exactly when they visited your site, how long they were there and what actions were taken so that you’re completely aware of what is going on when you’re not around. When your business requires site-wide security, Off Duty Officers provides the best and most robust range of mobile patrol services available. Tailored to your business needs and budget, we offer a vast menu of services that will give you confidence that your property, employees and visitors are safe and secure, no matter what time of day. As we have briefly covered above, mobile patrol security is one of the most effective ways to protect your business, residence, or any other important event.
Mobile or spot patrolling is a type of security service individuals or businesses can choose to bring a minimal security presence to their property. A mobile patrol is a security service that is ideal for the customer who doesn’t need their location to be constantly monitored and would prefer check-ins by security guards at pre-established times. Mobile patrols can deter criminal activity and ensure that your property is kept safe and untouched, even when you’re not around.
Checkpoints can be scanned and incident reports can be created that include images and videos using mobile devices. At Blackwater Public Safety, our mobile patrol officers are well-trained to react to any situation. Mobile security patrols can provide a practical and visible deterrent against potential criminal activity. Because they can cover a bigger area, hiring a mobile patrol is the ideal solution for larger businesses or locations. In comparison to typical on-site security officers, they can move about and act more quickly.