Nursing Professionals Sold Thousands of Fake Degrees: Report

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A spokesperson for Veterans Affairs said it removed 89 nurses “from patient care” nationwide last year immediately after being notified by federal officials. The agency has not found any instances of patients being harmed. How did so many test takers pass without the required classroom and clinical work? In some cases, they were experienced L.P.N.s seeking to become R.N.s. Some had been health care providers in other countries. New York regulators told 903 nurses in recent weeks to either surrender their licenses or prove they were properly educated.
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In Georgia, 22 working nurses obtained fake licenses and diplomas. According to local Atlanta TV station WSB-TV, the Georgia Board of Nursing sent letters to the nurses asking them to surrender their fraudulent nursing licenses on Jan 17, but they haven’t yet. Yahoo News was not able to immediately reach the board for comment. “They were certified by the state of Florida to provide nursing degrees,” he said.
Medical licensing officials in multiple states are scrambling to stop nurses with fraudulent academic credentials from caring for patients, after three Florida schools were accused of selling thousands of bogus diplomas. You may have noticed when visiting the office of a professional that they sometimes have numerous degrees hanging on the wall. If you only attended one college or university, this could be a great option to complement that original one. According to court documents, between 2016 and 2021, about 7,600 students paid a total of $114 million in false degrees. Students who obtained degrees illegally may lose their certification, but will not be criminally charged, according to authorities, per The Miami Herald.
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The Department of the Interior referred Ahmed’s case to the Justice Department after the investigation, but the attorney’s office declined to prosecute the case. Kendall said she was not told why the Justice Department turned down the case. The National Student Clearinghouse, which handles enrollment verification for both institutions, said it would not verify Ahmed’s educational history for the media.
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