Calendar Fundraising – Protfitable Fire Department Fundraising Ideasv

Contact your local fire station to set up a tour of the building and a firetruck. Be Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas to encourage your winner to take pictures of their experience and share them with their families and friends. This is a great idea for younger students and parents who want to plan a family trip or older students who would like to experience the outdoors with their friends. Be sure to include several sleeping bags, a good-sized tent, firewood, s’mores ingredients (and other snacks!), and a reserved spot at a local campground. Looking for a prize that offers a unique and exciting date night? If your area is capable, look into gondola tours to offer as an item.
The more tickets you sell, the greater the jackpot will be—and the more likely people will be to buy tickets. Hosting a holiday symphony gala is a marvelous way to engage the whole family in a night of culturally enriching fun. Pick a date for the performance, and set up online ticketing for it.
With this summer fundraiser, it’s best to have a local guide who knows the ins and the outs of the planned trail. Also, make sure one person is first aid certified in case of an incident while hiking or camping. If camping, try to have the equipment borrowed from local companies to minimize costs.
Often live burns and hands-on training come from donated structures or vehicles. We may also use funds to purchase fire prevention supplies, such as plastic helmets and pencils for kids, or refrigerator magnets and smoke alarms. A fish fry sponsored by local bar The Barrel Inn kicked things off on Friday night.
We’re talking outdoors for summertime, but remember, “the outdoors” doesn’t just mean forests or parks. If there are recent Black Lives Matter murals in your city, commission a community member with expertise to lead a tour for donors. Video the tour and put it on your website for further-reaching content, and don’t forget to highlight and support Black-run and Black advocacy organizations. This Juneteenth, consider commissioning a local mural to recognize the history, struggle, and joy of Black Americans. Ask your community to contribute, find a Black artist, and pay them.
You can even host your geography bowl as a mini-activity within other fundraising events, such as a pub crawl or carnival. Charge attendees an entrance fee to walk through the event and see the classic cars. Add to the fun by auctioning off a new set of tires or a year’s worth of car washes from a local business.
Choose a popular sport like basketball, baseball, or soccer, and plan a charity match at a community sports facility, school, or local park. Promote the event using social media, flyers, and press releases, and charge a small entry fee for attendees to watch the game. Enliven your town with artistry while raising funds for your fire department by hosting a Fire Hydrant Painting Competition. Invite local artists and enthusiasts to paint fire hydrants around the community, ensuring the artworks meet safety and visibility standards.