Best Charity Fundraising Sites for Easy Online Donations Best Fundraiser Ideas

Collect one-time and recurring donations on your website with customized, mobile-responsive donation forms. You can collect registrations, accept discount codes, and engage guests with various marketing tools. If you want to try different fundraising avenues, run branded crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns. GoFundMe is a great site for fundraising if you’re crowdfunding or need supporters to raise money for you. GoFundMe is also an option for individuals who want to generate money for celebrations, medical bills, and nonprofits trying to raise funds for a particular project.
If a project does not reach its fundraising goal, the creator pays no fees. Kickstarter has processed a total donation volume of more than $7.2 billion and tallied over 236,489 successfully funded projects. The platform is well on its way to bridging the gap between creators, backers, and the community. The platform makes it easier to support entrepreneurs with business ideas and new technology from its earliest stages of development. This helps startups and small businesses gain the freedom to choose a fixed or flexible funding goal, making it possible to customize experiences as needed. When creating your Indiegogo crowdfunding page, you’ll be able to prominently display videos and images that feature your project or product.
And be sure to check with your state whether or not you’ll need a special raffle license before you can start selling tickets. They make streaming your concert pretty seamless for organizers to set up. You can broadcast your conference straight from an individual’s page, a group page, or an event page. Best Fundraiser Ideas can make the event extra fun by offering prizes to the winners. The University of Alabama hosted a movie night to promote diversity and open discussion on campus. The landing page they created for their virtual movie night is eye-catching, with instructions to join that are easy to follow. is one of a tiny number of platforms to offer truly fee-free online fundraising pages for registered UK charities. Wonderful is hard to beat when it comes to maximising each donation and providing a platform for fundraisers to set up slick and engaging fundraising pages for a charity close to their heart. There are some significant charity fees including £150 to register, but the platform is non-profit.
As its name implies, this platform is about simplicity and effectiveness. Everything from page creation to social media integration is handled here, with the ability to upload custom photos. This is important for social media, as the correct format is required to prevent your images from looking blotchy, stretched or low resolution.
With Fundly, there’s no minimum amount you have to raise in order to keep your funds. Payments are processed quickly and can be withdrawn within 7 days after the initial donation. This fundraising site is powered by Stripe’s payment processing tool, which automatically processes and transfers funds to your bank account.
MedStartr is the first medical innovation crowdfunding site for inventors, early adopters, hospital leaders, clinicians, patient activists, and so many other leading minds. You can switch between the Lite and Pro plans at any time, while the Premium plan requires a minimum of a three-month commitment. The length of a campaign will depend on your business but can take anywhere from 45 to 60 days. Between these features and more than 9 million backers, your campaign is sure to be a success. Through its integration with Donately, you’ll be able to embed a donation form directly into your site and enhance the style of your form to match your Squarespace site design to a tee.