A Backpacker’s Guide to Ho Chi Minh City City Guide Vietnam

The delta is the agricultural hub of the country; ‘The rice bowl’ of Vietnam. Here you will find the famousfloating marketsas boats navigate the maze of waterways, stocked high with produce hoping to sell their wares to the craft that weave between. Mosttoursleave Ho Chi Minh City early in the morning for the 2-hour trip south but I highly recommend staying the night in one of the many towns around the Delta. That way you can wake early to catch the markets in full swing .
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Others were forced to serve in the draft in order to avoid the military hierarchy. The military drafted those who refused to fight or who were not fit to serve. There were more African-American and Hispanic recruits in the draft because they were more likely to be arrested and imprisoned for evading the draft than white recruits.
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